• Slump Cone Set

    Slump Cone Set

    Code: UCSSCS

    The slump test is carried out by filling the slump cone with freshly mixed concrete which is then tampered with a steel rod in three to four layers and after removing the mould vertically upwards, the test result of slump which occurs immediately can be s More info

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  • Slump Cone Frame Set

    Slump Cone Frame Set

    Code: UCSSCF

    Slump cone mounted in a frame to guide the slump cone in perfect vertical motion and mount for holding rod during measurement. Can be mounted and adjustable for use on the testing vehicle, 450mm x 450mm Plate More info

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  • Marsh Funnel

    Marsh Funnel

    Code: UCSMAR

    The Marsh funnel is a simple device for measuring viscosity by observing the time it takes a known volume of liquid to flow from a cone through a short tube. More info

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  • Mud Balance

    Mud Balance

    Code: UCSMUD

    Density is a measurement of fluid weight per unit of volume. More info

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