Mud Balance


Density is a measurement of fluid weight per unit of volume. This measurement is often referred to as mud weight and is reported as Gravity gms/cm3 or as Specific gallon, pounds, the primary function of monitoring density is to control formation pressures and minimize loss of returns.

 The Model RCMB Mud Balance provides a simple, practical method for the accurate determination of fluid density. It is one of the most sensitive and accurate field instruments available for determining the density or weight-per-unit-volume (specific gravity) of drilling fluids. An outstanding advantage of this Mud Balance is that the temperature of the sample does not materially affect the accuracy of readings. The Mud Balance is constructed with an easy to read beam which is graduated into two scales: lb/gal, specific gravity gms/cm3.

Available in the following measuring ranges-:

  TYPE Measurement range Accuracy Mud capacity
    MB-1 0.96-2.0g/cm3/(8.0-171b/gal )  0.01g/cm3  140cm3
    MB-2 0.96-2.5g/cm3/( 8.0-211b/gal )  0.01g/cm3  140cm3
    MB-3 0.96-3.0g/cm3/( 8.0-251b/gal )  0.01g/cm3  140cm3
    MB-4 0.7-2.9 g/cm3/( 8.0-251b/gal )  0.01g/cm3  140cm3
    MB-5 0.7-2.4g/cm3/( 5.8-201b/gal )  0.01g/cm3  140cm3
    MB-7 0.1-1.5g/cm3/( 0.8-131b/gal )   0.01g/cm3  140cm3



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